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The Newest Teens for Safe Cosmetics Chapter

The Newest Teens for Safe Cosmetics Chapter

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From Aline, The Hockaday School • Dallas, TXThis past Saturday (October 4th) The Hockaday School, located in Dallas, Texas, was introduced to the excitement and passion of the Teen for Safe Cosmetics campaign. After an enlightening introduction about the campaign by Judi Shils and two campaign members, Hockaday students were convinced about the important cause and ready to get involved. I personally never knew the seriousness and potential harmful ingredients in beauty and personal care products that and my fellow peers and I use daily. I believe it is crucial for young women to raise awareness, advocate for change, and make a difference in today’s world.Teen for Safe Cosmetics has been the most dynamic cause that I have encountered and I am in awe of all the possibilities and achievements of this campaign. Hearing about experiences like traveling to Sacramento to lobby for legislation and the success of their events was inspiring and invigorating.

After the meeting, everyone flocked to Whole Foods Market for the Teens Turning Green Collection launch event. The event was a huge success! The campaign’s new products were on display for purchase and girls enjoyed makeovers, manicures and an eco-friendly fashion show.The Teens Turning Green line was also inspiring. I discovered that all the products were designed and created with the help of teens and I was amazed at how refreshing, practical and effective the products are. I plan to visit Whole Foods Market again this weekend and buy more of the line’s wonderful products. From this campaign I learned that teens can truly make a difference in their communities as well as the future of this country, and that action is the best way to bring about positive change. Hockaday is very excited about the Teens for Safe Cosmetics campaign and we cannot wait to join the fun!

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