Guayaki Energy Shot

Ok, so this blog is actually a confession...Well a couple of confessions!First off, a bit about Whole Foods Market that people may not know…We work REALLY hard!!! I think sometimes people think we are a bunch of crazy hippies that sell natural & organic food and in between hang out in the back room and eat tofu while sipping herbal tea. Well, actually we ask a lot of our team members at all levels of the company and because most of us are so passionate about what we do it is not uncommon for us to be working 50, 60, 70 hour weeks! In fact, I am writing this blog on a Sunday evening at 8:00pm actually as it was the only time I had to sneak it in to the normal workflow. So all of that work and long hours definitely creates the need for an occasional boost every now and then which leads to confession # 2...I must admit I really love energy shots and quick fix products that give you a nice KICK, when you are about out of gas. And frankly, I have to tell you that caffeine, especially from natural sources has been a good friend to me lately as we all plug away on those long hours!So, if you are like me and many of our team members then you will be as stoked as I was to try the new Guayaki Organic Energy Shot (GOES) opens in a new tab. It is the first ever certified USDA Organic energy shot and it is full of wonderful herbs and of course Yerba Mate so that it gives you a smooth burst of energy without a crash. We all have seen those energy shots at the convenience store that are full of artificial colors, preservatives and sweeteners and other junk that you wouldn't give to an enemy let alone put in your body. Well, now you can get a super clean, super powerful shot when you check out at Whole Foods Market. By the way, they taste GREAT too, so good that Bevnet opens in a new tab recently gave the GOES shots a 5 star rating on their site which is a big honor. Check them out when you need a lift!

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