Nourishing Love


Here’s a quandary more perplexing than love itself…how do you indulge the one you love while still taking care of his or her health?  Instead of the usual approach of fatty, sugary deliciousness celebrate your sweetie by serving the best unprocessed, whole food available.

Choose food that nourishes and excites the taste buds all at once… and helps keep the one you love around for a long, long time.

Here are some of my favorite dishes for a special evening with my special someone. Not only do they look beautiful by candlelight, but they will keep you and yours satisfied and glowing with health and happiness.

Fill your heart with love and your belly with nutrients with these gorgeous main dishes packed with colorful plant foods.

Pile on the love (and nutrients) with tasty side dishes to complement the main course.

Finish up the evening with some sweets for your Sweetie! These Health Starts Here® desserts have no added oil or refined sugars!

Looking for more ways to show you care?  Use our advanced recipe search opens in a new tab and click the Health Starts Here box to limit your search to recipes that feature your favorite unprocessed whole foods without added oils or refined sugar.

How do you show the one you love how much you care?

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