One Week Sale + Great Ways to Use Grapes

One Week Sale! August 12-18 | Organic Grapes $1.99 per Pound.

Update: The sale is over but there are still many reason to stock up on grapes. 

Are you familiar with the Great Grape Escape? It’s a favorite in my house. You simply wash, dry and freeze grapes, then eat them or if you are super hot, roll them around your temples and over the back of your neck. Of course, you can always pretend you are a child and stuff one into your belly button for an immediate cooling effect! Here are more cooling grape ideas.

Spicy Grape Salsa

Spicy Grape Salsa

Grape Harvest Cake

Grape Harvest Cake

Grapes grow in gorgeous clusters. Depending on their use, they are classified as either wine grapes (small, sweet and decorative-looking) or table grapes (what we are used to buying to eat out of hand). Within these two classes, there are several varieties and colors including red, green and purple grapes.  My personal favorite is the Concord variety, a deep purple grape commonly used to make juice. 

Purchase firm, fresh grapes without mold, brown or soft spots. Wash before eating and enjoy for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts. Check out these ideas:

  • Use grapes as a garnish or side dish for fish, chops, tofu or tempeh. Roasted Salmon and Grapes is simply glorious with fresh fennel and extra virgin olive oil!

  • Add grapes to green salads and grain salads. 

  • Speaking of picnics, why not try one “a la France” with grapes, wine, cheese and fresh crusty bread. Please invite me!

  • Port-Glazed Stilton Grapes are perfect for a party. You simply skewer grapes and cheese, and then dip into this amazing reduced port wine sauce.

  • Serve Blue Cheese and Walnut Dusted Grapes as an appetizer for your next party, or take them along on a picnic.

  • Make grapes part of breakfast. Cook up some turkey sausage and serve with grapes, or add grapes to pancakes, muffins and waffles like these Fruity Flapjacks. Another great idea is Peanut Butter Toast with Grapes. If desired, replace peanut butter with any other nut or seed butter you prefer. You can also add chopped or whole grapes to hot or cold cereal. (Remember, grapes are simply raisins before they have been dried.)

  • Enjoy grapes for lunch or dinner by making Quinoa Salad with Chicken, Grapes and Almonds, Sonoma Chicken Salad, or this grape-infused Quinoa Salad with Roasted Jalapenos.

  • Fancy Ants on a Log takes peanut butter and celery to a whole new level. It’s the almond butter, grapes, cranberries and pumpkin seeds that do the trick. 

  • Add grapes to cakes and cupcakes. Try our Grape Harvest Cake for a delicious treat.

Got a great “grape escape”? Let me know.
Originally published in 2013. Updated August 2015.

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