The Other Greens

Whether showing off your passion for the Emerald Isle or simply feeling spring-y, now is the time to get more green in your life. Try these healthy recipes for asparagus, broccoli, bok choy and more.

Spring has sprung! Buds are popping, grass is growing, shoots are sprouting. And whether you are showing off your passion for the Emerald Isle or simply feeling the spirit of the season, now is the time to get some more green in your life.

Last spring I posted about how to get more of those fabulous nutrient-dense leafy greens. But there are also plenty of other greens that can add some beauty to your plate and nutrients to your body.

Asparagus A welcome harbinger of spring, asparagus’ unique flavor is a wonderful way to wake up your taste buds after a long winter. In soup, salad, stir-fry or even simply roasted, try these asparagus recipes with no added oils or refined sugars:

Peas Please! Legumes can also bring a springy splash of color to your dish. Look for the arrival of fresh shelling peas, snow peas, sugar snap peas and even green garbanzo beans in the spring when these gems are the most tender and sweetest. Beef Stir Fry with Snow Peas is an easy and satisfying recipe when snow peas are available.

No fresh options? I like to keep some frozen ones on hand. My kids even like them by themselves, just gently heated and ungarnished.

Or try some in Mushroom Quinoa and Peas with Miso. Take the innovation even further and get some green legumes in your dips with Green Pea Guacamole or Green Garbanzo Hummus.

Cruciferous Greens Not quite as celebrated as their cruciferous cousins kale and collards, bok choy and broccoli are still nutrient powerhouses. I try to keep these veggie all-stars in my regular rotation. Not only do my kids love both of them, but they burst with nourishment, and are so easy to integrate into many recipes. Here are some particularly good ones:

How do greens show up on your table?

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