Our Cheesemongers are Certifiably Awesome

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Our cheesemongers don’t crumble under pressure, whether it’s at the cheese counter or during the first-ever American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Professional™ exam opens in a new tab. Of the 121 cheesemongers who passed the exam, 70 were from Whole Foods Market®’s Canada and US stores. That makes us the retailer with the largest number of certified cheese experts in North America!The certification marks cheesemongers’ thorough understanding of and passion for cheese by testing their knowledge of cheese making, ripening, storage, handling, nutrition and more. Those who pass the exam demonstrate acumen in cheese from farm to counter and are the best of the best.

“I was honored and nervous to be a part of the first class of people to take the exam,” said Eliza Brown, specialty coordinator for the Whole Foods Market North Atlantic region. “It is so important that as cheese professionals we continue to work as a group to elevate the standards and strive for further education. I’m proud to be a part of the first group of Certified Cheese Professionals and thankful for the educational opportunities I received in preparation of the exam.”

The Whole Foods Market cheesemongers who passed the exam represent two countries, 21 states and 68 stores. The American Cheese Society has a complete list of all Certified Cheese Professionals opens in a new tab.

Are we proud of our cheesemongers? You cheddar believe it!

Have you learned a good cheese tid-bit from one of our cheesemongers or have they recommended a great cheese to try? Let us know in the comments below.

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