Great Thanksgiving Picks: Our Rolls and Pies

Be a great guest and bring the perfect Thanksgiving meal accompaniment — baked goods! For that, we’ve totally got you covered with standards you’ll find nowhere else.

Pumpkin Pie

When attending a Thanksgiving gathering, guests are often asked to bring the rolls or a pie. Hosts often have a meal plan worked out and guest-provided items likes pies and rolls can stand on their own without throwing the menu out of balance. That doesn’t mean you, as a guest, can’t add a big boost to the table by bringing the perfect accompaniment. For that, we’ve totally got you covered.

Our baked goods taste yummy and the variety of options we provide is second to none, but we go even further: everything we bake meets our strict Quality Standards, which prohibit more than 100 colors, preservatives, flavors and other ingredients from all of the food we sell in our stores.

You simply won’t find standards like these at any other grocery store. In fact, we checked labels at other stores and found what we consider unacceptable ingredients. Here’s a rundown on what we don’t allow but you can definitely find elsewhere.

Looking to bring something else to your host’s gathering? Pick anything from our stores and you’ll know that we’ve done the homework for you. (We call this homework Our Quality Standards.) There are hundreds of ingredients found in food and body care products elsewhere that you will never find here. (We call this our Food Ingredient Standards.)

So, be a great guest and a Thanksgiving hero. Arrive with the best pie or rolls available. If you do, you just might get assigned roll/pie duty every year. That’s a pretty sweet job to have! What type of pie or rolls will grace your table this Thanksgiving?

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