Our Top Cherry Recipe Picks


Fresh cherries are such a summer treat that sometimes it can be hard to consider doing anything with them other than eat them straight from a bowl. But fresh cherries make a sweet addition to any part of the meal. Try some of our favorite recipes for making cherries the star of the meal.Cherry-Arugula Salad with Almonds and Tarragon opens in a new tabCherries and almonds, a classic pair, make a delicious salad combination with tart arugula and fragrant tarragon.

Creamy Cherry Dip opens in a new tabServe this rich and creamy dip – surprisingly dairy-free – alongside strawberries and grapes or sliced kiwis, bananas and pineapple for dipping.Goat Cheese Bruschetta with Cherries and Mint opens in a new tabWith just five ingredients and five minutes, you can put together this elegant and tasty appetizer. Also try it as a snack or dessert, or serve it as a fresh summer take on a weekday breakfast.Quick Stovetop Chicken Cutlets with Fresh Cherry Salsa opens in a new tabYou can also spoon this family-friendly salsa over pork chops or baked tofu, or serve it with tortilla chips in place of standard tomato salsa. Stir in chopped jalapeños, if you like.Salmon with Caramelized Cherries opens in a new tabServe this salmon over steamed kale or flake it over spring greens and baby spinach and toss with the caramelized cherries for a protein-packed salad.Summer Cherry Pie opens in a new tabOur version of this summer classic uses whole wheat pastry flour and ground cinnamon in the crust. Some of the folks who’ve tasted this declared it the best cherry pie they’d ever had! Consider investing in a cherry pitter and enlisting some helpers—don’t be daunted, but this pie starts with 2 pounds of fresh cherries that need to be pitted.
No-Cook Cherry Vanilla Pudding with Lemon Wafers opens in a new tabWarning, chances are high that you’ll get hooked on this very simple pudding. No worries if your guests aren’t the biggest tofu fans—we bet they’ll be too busy asking for seconds to notice that the pudding is made from silken tofu.Cherry Compote with Mascarpone opens in a new tabMake a quick compote of cherries, wine and orange juice to serve over mascarpone or on its own.
Cherry Almond Smoothie opens in a new tabThis may be the perfect way to kick off a summer day—cherries, almond milk, almond butter and honey.Cherry-Cucumber Coolers opens in a new tabTop off these fun coolers with sparkling water or sparkling rosé wine, your choice!Sangria Coolers opens in a new tabThis cool sipper is so lip-smacking good that you'll be tempted to make a second batch even before the first is gone. Change it up by adding other seasonal fruits. Add ice to the blender if you want grown-up slushies.What are your top cherry recipes? Please share ideas in the comments below!

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