Our Turkey Farmers

Meet the farmers and ranchers who raise our turkeys — with no animal byproducts in their feed and no antibiotics ever. Fresh, frozen, value, organic, kosher or heritage…we’ve got you covered.

Continuing in our series on “all things turkey,” this post highlights a handful of our Pennsylvania turkey farmers. Interesting fact: on the East Coast, they call themselves turkey farmers and on the West Coast, it’s turkey ranchers. Share that at Thanksgiving dinner! Whether they are cared for by farmers or ranchers, all of our turkeys are raised to these standards:

  • No antibiotics - ever

  • No animal byproducts in feed

  • No supplemental growth hormones *

Looking for more turkey info? We’ve got you covered with tips and recipes opens in a new tab for choosing, brining, cooking, carving and more.Here are those Pennsylvania turkey farms. Check back between now and Thanksgiving to meet more farmers and ranchers or check our local stories opens in a new tab page to read about them now as part of our holiday website opens in a new tab.* Federal law does not allow the use of supplemental growth hormones in any poultry sold in the United States.Empire Kosher Poultry - Mifflintown, PA

Founded in 1938 by Joseph Katz, Empire Poultry aimed to meet the needs of the growing Jewish population.  Originally located in Liberty, NY, Empire eventually moved to the rolling hills of central Pennsylvania where it has expanded to serve people seeking kosher chickens and turkeys in ever-growing numbers. Their staff of 65 rabbis oversee the birds’ handling, according to Jewish dietary laws.Kosher Valley Turkeys from Empire Kosher Poultry are stocked in a number of our stores, and you should check with your local meat team for specific availability.Jaindl Farms - Orefield , PA

Since the early 30’s, the Jaindl family has been producing great poultry. Located in the Lehigh Valley, Jaindl Farms is a model of sustainability. Feed for the turkeys is grown on Jaindl Farms and the by-products are used to make bio-fuel that is used for power on the farm.  A Jaindl Grand Champion Turkey has been on the White House table for the last four decades. Check out this slideshow about Jaindl Farms opens in a new tab.Turkeys from Jaindl Farms, are available in our stores in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, Western Connecticut, New York and New Jersey (excluding Marlton and Princeton). Koch’s Turkey Farm - Tamaqua, PA

Koch’s Turkey Farm was founded in 1953 on 60 acres of land in Pennsylvania’s Lewistown Valley. Here, the second generation of Kochs are raising turkeys and are leaders in excellent animal welfare practices. Check out this slide show of Koch's turkey farm opens in a new tab.Turkeys from Koch’s Turkey Farms are available in our stores in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia and in Washington, D.C. and Princeton and Marlton, New Jersey.Plainville Farms - New Oxford, PAFounded in 1835, Plainville Farms is one of the first turkey producers in the country and are known for their great-tasting turkeys. They use time-tested methods that have been refined over six generations of farming.  Plainville Farms’ passion for raising turkeys resonates in their flavorful birds.Turkeys from Plainville Farms as part of Hain Pure Protein are stocked in a number of our stores, and you should check with your local meat team for specific availability.Meet all of our turkey farmers and ranchers on the local stories page opens in a new tab of our holiday website opens in a new tab.

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