Our Turkey Farmers

These dedicated farmers and ranchers raise our turkeys — with no animal byproducts in their feed and no antibiotics ever. Your choice of fresh, frozen, value, organic, kosher or heritage.

Turkey day is almost here! Have you planned what kind of turkey you are serving? We’ve got you covered with your choice of fresh, frozen, value, organic, kosher or heritage. And don’t forget that all of our turkeys are raised to these standards:

  • No antibiotics — ever

  • No supplemental growth hormones*

  • No animal byproducts in feed

Looking for more turkey info? We’ve got you covered with tips and recipes opens in a new tab for choosing, brining, cooking, carving and more.*Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones when raising poultryDiestel Turkeys - Sonora, California

Since 1949 the Diestel family has raised high quality turkeys in the Sierra Foothills the old fashioned way. The savory dark meat and juicy, tender white meat with satisfying old-time flavor comes in sizes from 6 to 36 pounds to fit any holiday table. Make your celebration memorable with a Diestel turkey.Turkeys from Diestel Turkeys are available in all of our Northern California stores, as well as a number of the rest of our stores. You should check with your local meat team for specific availability.Ladybug Manor - Aldergrove, BCRod Lacey and Marlene Freemantle founded Ladybug Manor in 1999, raising turkeys the way their grandparents did on their farms. In 2006, the five acre farm decided to go organic. Grain for the birds’ feed is raised on the farm and is now proudly certified organic.Turkeys from Ladybug Manor are available in our stores in British Columbia.Misty Knoll - New Haven, VTJohn Palmer and Rob Litch have been raising turkeys in Western Vermont since 1984. They treat the farm as an irreplaceable resource and follow sustainable farming practices to ensure their cropland will be productive for future generations. Their care contributes to turkeys with firm meat and deep flavor.Turkeys from Misty Knoll are available in our stores in Western Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Maine.Neal Farms - Crawford, TX

After earning a degree from North Carolina State University's School of Poultry Science and working for decades in the poultry industry, Mike Neal and his wife, Carolyn, decided to start their own turkey farm. Their commitment to the environment has earned awards, including 1st Place Family Farm Environmental Award from the Texas Poultry Federation.Nature’s Rancher Turkeys from Neal Farms are available in our stores in Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri and Nebraska.Timbro Farms - Rockdale, TX

With a 50-year family history in the poultry and livestock business, D.H. and Karen Martin have the expertise to raise delicious turkey — along with a dedication to responsible land stewardship. Timbro Farms is a classicexample of how poultry, livestock and wildlife can coexist, and they earned the Texas Poultry Federation Family Farm Environmental Award in 2008.Nature’s Rancher Turkeys from Timbro Farms are available in our stores in Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri and Nebraska.Wise Organic Pastures - Brooklyn, NYRachel Wiensefeld started Wise Organic Pastures in 1992 so her family would have poultry processed according to strict kosher standards that was certified organic, too. Now comprised of 10 small farms in the Appalachian foothills, Wise Organic kosher birds are processed under the supervision of Crown Heights Kosher and the Orthodox Union.Turkeys from Wise Organic Pastures are available in our stores in New York and New Jersey (excluding Marlton and Princeton).Meet all of our turkey farmers and ranchers on the local stories page opens in a new tab of our holiday website opens in a new tab.*all photos are courtesy of Diestel Farm

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