Pack for Adventures Like a Pro

Hello summer! Hello adventures! Here are our packing essentials for outdoor meals, day trips and weekend getaways.


Summer Picnic

It’s time for warm weather adventures! We’ve got you covered with packing lists of recommended bites, beverages and body care products, so you can spend less time preparing and more time having fun.


365 Everyday Value® Dill Pickle Chips

Warmer weather means opportunities to dine alfresco from beach days to afternoons in the park to concerts under the stars. What you pack in your cooler will be dependent on what restrictions are in place at the park or beach (no glass!). Here are a few of our favorite must-haves for coolers:

  • Something simple. A baguette. Deli meats. Cheeses. Yes, dining outdoors can be that easy and delicious. (Pack cheese for everyone; Kite Hill Nut-Milk Cheese is made from non-dairy, plant-based ingredients.)

  • Something crunchy. We love 365 Everyday Value® Dill Pickle Chips and Bearitos Corn Chips in Sea Salt & BBQ Black Bean. The bean chips pair perfectly with salsa, back bean dip or hummus. Pack cut veggies or cherry tomatoes and baby carrots too.

  • Something sweet or tangy. From apricots to nectarines and peaches to cherries, summer is the best time for a wide variety of stone fruit (fruit enclosing a stone or pit).

  • Something easy. I often opt for a combination of buying some dishes and making others. The prepared foods team at Whole Foods Market makes it easy with a wide selection of sides including potato salad, kale salad and cole slaw.

  • Something cool. Get creative with drink options such as coconut water, organic lemonade, iced coffee or unsweetened tea (look for Third Street Whole Trade® Organic Teas). Wow your family and friends with Califia Farms Aguas Frescas. They are lightly sweetened with cane sugar and available in flavors such as Mango Chili Lime, Watermelon Ginger Lime and Pineapple Ginger.

  • Body care essentials. Sunscreen, natural insect repellent and hand sanitizer are a must.

  • Misc. Consider packing a blanket, cups, napkins, forks, sharp knife (if needed) and bags for trash and recyclables.

Hungry for more inspiration? Check out our tips for packing the perfect picnic opens in a new tab.

Fanny Pack


Yup, the fanny pack is back. Whether you rename it “hip pack” or “belt bag”, it allows you to go hands free at theme parks, concerts, festivals and on day trips. How cool is that? This compact carry-on will have you sticking to the basics. Here are our best bets:

  • Energy bar. EPIC Bars offer a delicious combo of smoked meat, nuts and dried fruit. Look for their new flavors of Uncured Bacon and Pork or Beef, Apple and Uncured Bacon.

  • Nuts. 365 Everyday Value® Thai Curry Cashews features Thai-inspired seasonings that include lemongrass, turmeric, jalapeño and lime.

  • Dried fruit. Shop our bulk bins and only buy the amount you need.

  • Hand sanitizer. Portable EO Hand Sanitizer spray has already been on lot of springtime adventures with my family.

  • Sunscreen. Remember to reapply every two hours or more often if swimming or sweating.

  • Lip balm. Looks for those with sunscreen.

  • Electrolyte-enhanced drink tabs. Just add water! Nuun Active Drink Tabs provide convenient on-the-run hydration without sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, artificial colors or sweeteners.

Overnight Bag

365 Everyday Value® Maximum Moisture Body Lotion Travel Size

'Tis the season for weekend getaways. Whether you’re jet setting to the big city, driving out to the country or settling seaside, here are a handful of things you shouldn’t leave home without:

  • Reusable Water Bottle. I’ve toted my Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle on many trips and it has held up better than I have in some cases!

  • Coffee. With a lively blend with notes of dried fruit and mixed citrus and a long, sweet finish, Allegro® Café Ubuntu Coffee Beans make a great cup of coffee and a fantastic hostess gift.

  • Dried fruits, nuts or trail mix. I’m big on packing an emergency snack for layovers, detours and where-is-the-closest-store-I’m-starving moments. 365 Everyday Value® Mango Baobab Trail Mix with its unique combination of nuts, dried fruits and pumpkin seeds are just the thing.

  • Versatile clothes. Satva Organic Cotton Clothing is my new go-to. I love how this yoga-inspired clothing easily transitions from studio to street. I also have a pair of flats that have seen a lot of planes, trains and pavement because they are comfy, easy to pack and go with everything. (My daughter on the other hand, always packs her pink cowboy boots!)

  • Travel-size shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and lotion. My favorite body lotion — 365 Everyday Value® Maximum Moisture Body Lotion — comes in a handy 1.75-fl.oz bottle with a travel pump, so there’s always one in my weekend bag.

  • Sunscreen. Whole Foods Market has better alternatives including some with nourishing botanicals.

What’s in your cooler, fanny pack or weekend bag? Share your essentials in the comments section below.  

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