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GreenPan Diamond Clad Ceramic Nonstick Sauté Pan

Now that spring is here, many of us are inspired to take a fresh look at how we cook and what is in our kitchens. In the spirit of the season, some of us may wish to pare down. Take a look through drawers and cupboards, and decide what is truly essential and what is not. Get rid of equipment we no longer use or in disrepair and create some breathing room!

But spring cleaning is not just a time for eliminating the inessential, it is also a time to recognize the utility of our most favored and trusted kitchen equipment. We spend a lot of time in our kitchens, so why not make sure that it is a place we truly enjoy, with the best tools to do the job and bring us satisfaction?

Some of the most essential items of any kitchen must include reliable, versatile pans. For years I have relied on a well-worn cast-iron skillet, but through Whole Foods Market’s partnership with kitchenware pros Sur La Table, I’ve had the chance to try out their new line of ceramic nonstick cookware, the GreenPan Diamond Clad Ceramic Nonstick pans. I am a convert! This spring I will be creating some room in my kitchen for these new pans, as they have quickly worked their way into my regular cooking routine.   

GreenPan Diamond Clad Ceramic Nonstick Cookware Set

A few things I love about these pans:

  • They yield great results if you’re cooking with only a little oil or without any oil (such as with a steam-frying technique). It’s easy to use a small amount of oil or butter and still get really nice browning.

  • They have a very nice heft to them, but they are lighter weight than cast iron. I often cook in cast-iron skillets and love them, but this lighter-weight ceramic style is quite a bit easier to maneuver.

  • You can use metal utensils in these pans without worrying about scratching or chipping the surface, thanks to the diamond-reinforced coating.

  • The pans are ovenproof, so that’s another feature making them easy to use for going directly from the stovetop to oven without needing to use multiple pans. 

  • Glass lids allow you to see what’s happening in the pan without releasing heat or moisture.

  • The cleanup is so easy. What our Food Editor Molly Siegler has called the “supremely nonstick” surface allows for gorgeous browning with minimal oil and then quickly washes clean.

We tapped Sur La Table Senior Resident Chef Joel Gamoran for his insights and experience with the pan. He really loves the weight and how solid these pans feel for nonstick pans. Another quality he appreciates is that the light grey color of the pan surface allows him to see caramel changing colors and browning a lot easier than in other nonstick cookware. In the culinary classes, he has used the pan for cooking foods that can stick without careful care, such as crêpes, fish and potstickers, with great results.  
Here are some seasonal recipes to try in a GreenPan: 

Grilled Halibut with Turmeric, Garlic and Capers

Halibut with Turmeric, Garlic and Capers Recipe

Depending on where you live, it might be a bit early for outdoor grilling. Try cooking our halibut from certified sustainable fisheries on the stovetop like in this recipe. 

Pan-Seared Paiche with Spicy Avocado Sauce and Greens

Pan-Seared Paiche with Spicy Avocado Sauce and Greens Recipe

This one features spring herbs and greens with a fish you need to try.

Chicken and Artichokes with Farro

Chicken and Artichokes with Farro Recipe

Hooray for artichoke season! Try pairing them with chicken and farro. 

Ham and Asparagus Skillet Meal

Ham and Asparagus Skillet Meal Recipe

Match leftover ham with with peak-season asparagus in an easy skillet meal.

Roasted Bell Pepper and Asparagus Tofu Frittata

Roasted Bell Pepper and Asparagus Tofu Frittata Recipe

Turn to frittatas and omelets for spring brunches and suppers.

Mushroom, Chard and Caramelized Onion Tacos

Mushroom, Chard and Caramelized Onion Tacos Recipe

Mushrooms and spring greens make tasty, healthy tacos.

Plus, bookmark this one for peak-season summer tomatoes: We used a Diamond Clad GreenPan in our Easiest Marinara Sauce video. And Sur La Table is creating a lemon skillet soufflé recipe I can’t wait to see and try! 

Learn more about GreenPan Diamond Clad cookware, including the innovative technology behind the pans, from Sur La Table.

What are some of your go-to kitchen tools? And what cookware helps make your time in the kitchen easier? 

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