Parsley, the Unsung Herb

Whether you buy it at the market or grow it in your garden, parsley adds a clean, fresh taste to appetizers, soups, sauces and main dishes. Enjoy these creative ways to use parsley.

There’s something refreshingly healthy about cooking with fresh herbs. Parsley is a perfect example — it’s the savior of many a boring platter and by far the most recognized and widely available of all fresh herbs.

Whether you buy it at the market or grow it in your garden or on your windowsill, parsley adds delicate fragrance and a clean, fresh taste to appetizers, soups, sauces, veggies and main dishes.  You can even drink it as a tea and add it to other beverages.

You’ll find curly as well as Italian flat-leaf parsley available year-round. They’re used interchangeably, but remember that curly parsley is milder in flavor and works well as a raw garnish or added to a dish at the end of cooking. Flat-leaf parsley is stronger in flavor, thicker and heartier. It’s best for longer cooking, stewing and simmering. Enjoy these tempting, creative ways to use parsley:

Be sure to purchase fresh, crisp green parsley; there should be no yellowing. Wash when ready to use. Wrap in a paper towel and store in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.
If you prefer, treat your parsley like a bouquet of flowers. Trim the stems and place in a glass filled with water. Cover loosely with a plastic bag and store in the refrigerator or at room temperature. Be sure to change the water every couple of days.

Does parsley please you? Got a favorite recipe or a great idea? I’d love to know.

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