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Paulk Vineyards

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In the 1950's, Jacob Paulk began farming just as his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather did. As cotton was on the decline in the 70's, Jacob decided to plant his first muscadine grape vine. Little did he know that six generations after the Paulk family began farming the very same land, Paulk Vineyards would be instrumental in developing the commercial muscadine grape market and a pioneer in developing muscadine grape dietary supplements: a powerhouse of health benefits!

The vineyards that started as just a few vines in the Paulk opens in a new tab family's backyard now ramble across their land and have led to six generations of family farming. Their mineral-packed muscadine grapes contain high levels of beneficial antioxidants, so the Paulks make their own juices and nutritional supplements, too.Note: Our Farm to Market slide shows currently feature farmers and producers from our South and MidAtlantic Regions. We hope to expand to others in the future.

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