Portable Pasta Salads


This July, we had the hottest month on record! I’ve been staying indoors, drinking plenty of water and barely cooking, relying on salads and in particular, pasta salads. Being that I love a variety of natural whole grains, I’m thankful for pasta made from an alphabet of whole grains like amaranth, buckwheat, brown rice, corn, quinoa, spelt and whole wheat. These easy salads are portable, which makes them ideal for picnics, parties and barbeques. In its basic form, pasta is dough from which a myriad of shapes and sizes are formed. Americans are most familiar with macaroni and cheese or spaghetti, an Italian favorite we love to smother in sauce. Yet pasta is so much more. It can be made with or without eggs and from an assortment of grains, including gluten-free grains. It can be stuffed, like tortellini or ravioli, or made with potatoes like gnocchi. Pasta can be purchased dried or fresh. Dried varieties keep in a pantry for a long time, but freshly made pasta must be kept cold and cooked within a few days. A basic pasta salad recipe combines cooked pasta of any shape, size or grain with added chopped veggies and a favorite salad dressing. But the fun really starts with the addition of herbs, seasonings and so much more. Bottom line: Have fun! Here’s a good start:

Do pasta salads have a purpose in your life, too? Do you have a favorite recipe or idea? I would love to hear!

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