Potatoes Beyond French Fries

Go beyond French fries with our favorite recipes for roasting, steaming, mashing, dicing, slicing and grating the humble spud.

Mashed Potatoes

It’s a sure bet most folks love potatoes, primarily French fries. Yet potatoes have so much more potential. Whether roasted, grated, sliced, diced, steamed, fried, mashed or smashed, potatoes make a delicious, versatile, filling and satisfying addition to breakfast, lunch or dinner. They are inexpensive and there are several varieties to choose from. Remember, when serving potatoes, the starchy varieties create full and fluffy dishes, such as whipped or mashed potatoes, or twice-baked potatoes. The less starchy varieties hold their shape well, lending themselves to stews, soups and salads. Here a general guide:

  • Baking and frying: Try Russet (also known as Idaho) or Yukon Gold.

  • Roasting: Try the less starchy red or white fingerlings, heirlooms, red potatoes or Yukon Gold.

  • Salads: Red, purple, fingerlings, white potatoes and the waxy varieties hold up well. 

  • Mashing and smashing: Go with Russets, Yukon Gold or red potatoes.

  • Steaming: All red and white varieties as well as Yukon Gold work well.

Embrace the broad nature of the posh potato with some of our favorite ideas and recipes:

Are you a fan of the humble spud? Got a favorite tip or recipe? Let us know.

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