Pretty, Pretty Peonies


When it comes to celebrating the pastoral perfection of the early summer blooms, peonies often herald the warmer months’ arrival. As any flower grower will tell you, these highly sought after treasures enjoy a brief yet spectacular season. Typically starting in the last week of April to the first week of May (depending on when Mother Nature makes the call), peonies make their final appearance by mid to late June. With their lush petals, light fragrance and sense of rustic luxury, these blossoms have cemented their place in the hearts of brides, moms and floral devotees everywhere!

One of our partners in bringing these splendid blooms to you is the Van Staalduinen family at The Terra Ceia Farms. In 1938, Leendert Van Staalduinen left Holland with his wife, Cornelia, and their ten children. After a five-year stay in Ontario, Canada due to war-time immigration policies, their paperwork was finally in order and in 1943, the family arrived in Pantego where they established The Terra Ceia Farms. This part of North Carolina was originally known as dense swampland and literally translates as “heavenly earth” — all that decaying organic matter made for ideal growing conditions. Now in the hands of the 3rd generation, brothers Carl, Mark and Casey Van Staalduinen have watched their family business grow to include 1250 acres devoted to row crops, and 250 acres devoted to cut flowers and nursery bulbs.

Our friends in the peony business aren’t just on the east coast but spread throughout the United States — Van der Salm Bulb Farms located in Woodland, Washington; Holland America Flowers in Nimpo, California; and Star Valley Farms in Madison, Wisconsin, just to name a few. Each farm, regardless of location, takes great care to ensure that their peonies are packed with their customers’ enjoyment in mind.

There is still time to take pleasure in the fleeting beauty of spring… but it won’t be long before the heat of summer comes calling, and more sturdy (though no less beautiful) flowers take their place in the limelight!

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