Quinn Reinvents Microwave Popcorn

Kristy and Coulter Lewis developed a “Pure Pop” bag made from recycled and compostable paper for their mom and pop popcorn business. Learn about other upgrades to their microwave snack.

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Sometimes, we have the opportunity to help a start-up get their product out the door and onto our shelves. This was the case with Quinn Popcorn opens in a new tab.

Simply stated, Quinn is microwave popcorn reinvented. Recently, conventional microwave popcorn has been in the news due to the concern that chemicals in the lining of the bag may get into the popcorn during the popping process. Once the founders of Quinn Popcorn learned about this, they set out to create a delicious and better version of a beloved snack favorite.

Husband and wife team Coulter and Kristy Lewis launched Quinn Popcorn shortly after the birth of their first child . . . Quinn!

Kristy’s passion for cooking and food combined with her desire to get things done makes her the perfect person to start a food company. In fact, this is a life-long dream come true! Coulter’s training as an engineer is the ideal complement to the team.

They knew they wanted to make a difference with their product and therefore started with the popping bag.

They developed a unique “Pure Pop” bag, made from recycled and compostable paper. We’re pretty sure that’s a first in the microwave-popcorn industry!

They also replaced the hydrogenated oils and artificial flavorings found in many microwave popcorns with expeller-pressed oils and simple, mouth-watering ingredients. And if that’s not enough, they use organic kernels that come from family farms in the Midwest. Using organic corn is the best way to avoid GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

After much trial and error — and tasting parties with family and friends — Kristy and Coulter settled on three flavors, one savory, one sweet and one salty:

  • Parmesan and Rosemary

  • Vermont Maple and Sea Salt

  • Lemon and Sea Salt

Their goal is to provide you with the best bag of microwave popcorn you’ve ever had the pleasure of eating. And I can tell you from personal experience, Quinn Popcorn delivers on that promise!
Kristy and Coulter are wonderful examples of the type of vendor the Local Producer Loan Program aims to support. Their passion, exuberance and integrity is inspiring and we are honored to help them achieve their goals!

Quinn Popcorn is currently available at our stores in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Maine.

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