Royal Addition: A Cheese Fit for a Prince

Westminster Royal Addition One-Year-Old Cheddar

Many people remember what they were doing the day English heir-to-the-throne William married Kate (some friends of mine convinced me to wake up early and catch it live, complete with some of our favorite snacks from across the pond!).Last year when their son Prince George was born, people all over the world celebrated, including cheese lovers at Whole Foods Market.  That day, Whole Foods Market collaborated with cheesemakers to create a one-year aged cheddar to commemorate the celebration and it’s being released this month in honor of his first birthday!

Enjoy this specially made cheese honoring the young British royal with the Westminster Royal Addition One-Year-Old Cheddar, available exclusively at Whole Foods Market. This cheddar was made on a farm in Somerset, England by the Barber family – one of the oldest cheddar makers in the world – on July 22, 2013 and is aged for 12 months. It has a savory flavor and creamy texture.

It’s available now at all Whole Foods Market locations for $9.99 per pound, but hurry in because it’s here for a limited time.

Looking for a decidedly adult pairing for the cheese celebrating one of the world’s most famous babies? Try it with a lager beer or chenin blanc, or ask your friendly cheesemonger for their favorite pairing. Just look for this at the cheese counter and get ready to celebrate in style!

If someone made a cheese to celebrate you, what kind would it be?

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