Salute to the Wines of Italy

The wines of Italy pour into the glass with more aplomb, swirl with more grace and deliver exquisite notes of flavor with more passion and panache than other wines of the world. We’re sharing eight of our favorites.

Italy, a country of icons — colliseums, leaning towers, gondoliers — occupies a special place in our imaginations. Italy’s wines are also iconic, noted by their well-defined, flavors and depth of character. They pour into the glass with more aplomb, swirl with more grace and deliver exquisite flavors with, dare we say, more passion and panache than other wines of the world.

Our Favorite Wines from Italy

Just as our wine buyer says, “You can’t go wrong if you order a bottle of Italian wine,” we knew we’d have great options to choose from. Check out which we’ve included among our favorites and meet a few of the winemakers by watching these  videos on our wine page opens in a new tab. Here is Beppe DiAndrea introducing you to Ruffino's Orvieto Classico:

The Whites

Fresh aromas of cut flowers and citrus build anticipation for the sassy acidity and green apple flavor in Ruffino’s Orvieto Classico. A light sweetness and characteristic minerality create a wine perfectly paired with fruit plates and seafood.

Intriguingly perfumed with aromas of white fruit, flowers and steel, Caposaldo’s Pinot Grigio shows off with flavors of tart kiwi then moves to mellow honeydew notes. Crisp and crowd-pleasing, it’s lovely with Easter hams and prosciutto-wrapped anything.

Vivid with aromas of ripe pineapple and tangy apple, Banfi Principessa Gavia Gavi balances gracefully between juicy ripe pear notes and vibrant acidity. The minearality and delicate, clean finish shine with spicy or garlic-seared dishes.

The Reds

Very approachable and well-balanced, Monrosso Chianti shows aromas of tart cherry, cranberry and leather then moves to soft spicy flavors rich with fruit. A textbook Chianti with gentle tannins in the smooth finish, it pairs with big, festive gatherings and rich, robust dishes.

Donnafugata’s Sedára cascades with flavors of sun-dried cranberries, black olive, and peppercorn. Quintessentially Italian, this rich, deep, rustic Red is a perfect companion to savory foods and crusty artisan breads.

It’s no surprise a wine named Gran Passione Rosso would display such dense flavors of jammy red and black fruits, aromas ripe with blackberry and chocolate and a satisfyingly long finish. Hearty stews, bold cheeses and chocolate-covered strawberries are the best pairings here.

Complexity and elegance meet in Verrazzano’s Rosso. Enjoy youthful fresh fruits and violets on the nose, plum, promegranate and Tuscan herb flavors, and a long, graceful finish. Delicate flavors and sophisticated Italian dishes like handmade pasta and soft, pillowy gnocchi pair nicely.

The Effervescente

Refreshingly light-bodied, Presto Prosecco hits crisp, lively notes of apple, orange blossom and a touch of honey. Bright and bubbly, it’s the perfect brunch pairing.

There's more about the wines and their perfect pairings on our Wines from Italy page opens in a new tab. Which ones are you most excited to try?


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