Santa Rosa Celebrates Local Producers

On Sept, 21, our newest store in Northern California, Coddingtown in Santa Rosa, officially opened its doors! Along with amazing neighbors, great tacos (for a good cause), and the first drinks at our new Tap Room (16 beers on tap!), we also had a chance to celebrate the two newest Local Producer Loan recipients in Northern California, Grindstone Bakery and Lydia’s Organics.

Each of these long-time vendors creates just the kind of healthy, all-natural food that we are so proud to offer. Grindstone Bakery’s owner and baker Mario Repetto produces artisan wheat-free, whole grain breads and cookies, while Lydia Kindheart of Lydia’s Organics creates dehydrated foods made of raw, organic, vegan ingredients. Both will be using their loans to help expand production. In fact, not only did Lydia and Mario help us break the bread, Mario baked it! Check out some photos from the opening.

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