Satisfy your Soul with Salsa

This magical blend can make the difference between a good meal and a great one. From traditional to fruity, give these salsa recipes a try.

My introduction to authentic Mexican food came shortly after we moved to Southern California. My father took the family across the border into Tijuana, Mexico where we shopped and ate for most of the day. My parents wasted no time in warning us kids about the spiciness of the food. I still remember my father’s words: “Ya’ll just be careful! It could blow a hole in your stomach!” I was nervous until I found out I could get tortillas and cheese and not be damaged for life. Of course, being the culinary-curious kid that I was, when the red-saucy stuff came to the table, I had to try one teeny, tiny taste. It was hot! It was spicy! It was salsa!Many years later, upon moving to Texas, I discovered the true meaning and tremendous potential of salsa. It didn’t have to be red at all, or even spicy! Although the basic recipe is tomato-based, salsa can be made from assorted veggies, a variety of fruits, legumes such as black beans, various herbs and spices, and plenty of other seasoning. It can be spicy or not, served with an appetizer, a main dish or a side dish. You can even use fruit salsa to top off dessert.

On our website you’ll find an assortment of salsa, some on their own and some to accompany other dishes. Salsa demands a mix and match attitude. For example, you may love the idea of fresh Strawberry Salsa but prefer to serve it with chicken or veggies kabobs instead of the salmon opens in a new tab in our recipe.  Go right ahead! Salsa can make the difference between a good meal and a great meal.Veggie-based salsas are wonderful with rice, beans, tortillas, meats and lots more. Try some of these tempting options:

Fruit-based salsas are excellent for meat, seafood, poultry and tofu or tempeh “steaks.” They are also excellent for dipping and spreading. Remember to mix and match! Here are some ideas:

Here are some tasty ways to add spice up your meals with salsa:

  • Spoon salsa over scrambled or straight-up eggs.

  • Use salsa as a condiment for sandwiches, wraps and paninis.

  • Choose a favorite fruit or veggie-based salsa and spoon it cold or hot over any favorite protein choice — meat, soy or legumes.

  • Spoon fresh salsa into hot baked potatoes. Great with a sprinkling of dairy or non-dairy cheese.

  • Serve fresh salsa as a side dish to any barbeque or picnic meal.

  • Choose a favorite fresh fruit salsa and spoon it over ice cream, frozen yogurt or any non-dairy frozen dessert.

  • Beans, rice, corn, veggies and … salsa!

  • Salsa is great with sausages — even the no-meat ones.

  • Add some salsa to rice or other grains while cooking.

  • Mix salsa with sour cream or Greek yogurt. Try this with veggies or meat fajitas.

  • Top bruschetta with salsa.

  • Try salsa with enchiladas, tacos and burritos (of course) but also with pizza.

  • Dice ham or smoked turkey, add salsa and spoon over a hot baked potato or cheesy grits.

  • Salsa is great with grilled cheese!

Purchasing prepared salsa is a time saver. Check out our fresh selection in our Prepared Foods case and our assorted shelf stable salsas on our grocery shelves. Once a jar of salsa is opened, keep it cold — it will last up to about four weeks or so, but remember, fresh salsa is best used within a few days.Do you take solace in good salsa? Got a recipe or an idea? Let me know!

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