Satsuma Citrus You Got There

In this episode of Hungry for More, host Kieron Elliot takes a few bites out of the profits as he learns to hand-pick Satsumas and get them fresh to market.

Derek Vaughn proudly works at Johnston Farms in the San Joaquin Valley near Bakersfield, California. It’s a four-generation farming operation producing premium citrus while utilizing soil management techniques such as low tillage, cover crops and sterilized manure to replenish the soil.In this episode of Hungry for More, follow host Kieron Elliot as he gets up in the trees picking Satsumas and on his knees begging to drive the forklift. Will he help get fruit fresh to market before he eats all the profits?

Satsuma or Clementine? Taste test and get back to us!

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