Share Your Love with Sweethearts and Family

This could be your year to start a new tradition perfectly suited for the two of you.

This Valentine’s Day, we’ve got you covered with world-changing chocolate, conscientious body care and beautifully responsible blooms like roses and Gerbera daisies that are grown and produced to meet our commitment to ethical trade, the environment and the highest quality, thanks to our Whole Trade® Guarantee. opens in a new tab

But perhaps you’re looking for a little something extra outside the box of chocolates? This could be your year to start a new tradition perfectly suited for the two of you.

Here are a few ideas for how to share your love with your sweetheart.

  • Make your partner’s favorite meal and pack it for a Valentine’s lunch surprise.

  • Leave a few love notes in unexpected places — under the toothpaste, taped to the steering wheel or inside a shoe!

  • Have a picnic, whether it’s outdoors or indoors by the fire.

  • For a creative twist on a romantic dinner, organize a four-course menu and have each course begin with L, O, V or E. Perhaps Lentil Tapenade opens in a new tab for a starter, an oven-roasted veggie as a side dish, Veal Scaloppini with Swiss Chard and Barley opens in a new tab for the main course and Espresso Pots de Crème opens in a new tab for dessert?

  • Revisit your first date by re-creating the first meal you had together or putting together a playlist of music that reminds you of when you met.

Don’t forget your parents, siblings and kids on this love-filled day — we all know romantic love isn’t the only thing that matters. Here are a few ideas for sharing your love with your family who loves you (and not just because they have to).

  • Craft placemats made out of family photos for a Valentine’s Day meal.

  • Cook a meal together, or have each member of the family make a dish. At the table, share one thing you love about each family member while enjoying the fruits of your collective labor.

  • Grab a big bowl of popcorn, pull out the old home movies and enjoy the memories!

  • Make heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast or heart-shaped sweet treats for dessert, like these Chocolate Cookies opens in a new tab.

  • Have a family of performers? Play a love-themed game of charades or have a family talent show.

There are more thoughtful ways of making the day special than you can shake a long-stem rose at; this is just a start!
How will you share your love this Valentine’s Day?

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