Sheryl Crow + Whole Foods Market + NRDC = A Better Bag


We have a really cool new bag coming out! You’ve probably seen our large grocery tote bags made from recycled plastic bottles for only 99 cents. Our customers have given us great feedback on them. When it came time to design a new bag, we wanted to make it even better. We came up with several ideas and these two rose to the top: 1. generate public interest in reusable bags by getting an environmentally conscious celebrity to help design the bag and 2. highlight a strong environmental program on the bag that is helping to change our world.

Done and done. Sheryl Crow collaborated with us on the design of the bag. Didn’t it turn out great?The Natural Resources Defense Council promotes a great program called Simple Steps. In addition to our monetary donation to the NRDC, each bag has the website printed on it, which encourages customers to embrace simple steps in their everyday lives that reduce consumption and consider the environment. Since it is gift-giving season, the bags are available in the large grocery tote size and also in a smaller, gift bag size for only 79 cents. Check ‘em out and let us know what you think. When we sell through this run of bags, we’ll be designing the next version. What ideas do you have for taking these to the next level?

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