Shortcuts for Fast and Easy Plant-Based Dishes

Thanks to kitchen shortcuts highlighted by Jessie Snyder of the award-winning blog Faring Well, you can fuel your winter activities with a plant-based quesadilla and more.

Vegetarian Quesadilla With Sweet & Tangy Dipping Sauce

Photo Credit: Jessie Snyder, via

Whole Foods Market and SAVEUR are partnering with Blog Awards winners and finalists for In Good Company, a series of culinary exploits from discovering new beers and sparkling wines to meeting local farmers and foragers.

This week, we’re spotlighting Jessie Snyder winner of the SAVEUR Blog Awards Editor’s Choice Award for Best New Voice opens in a new tab for her blog Faring Well opens in a new tab, where you can find plant-based recipes and stories.

In her post An Adventure-Packed Quesadilla opens in a new tab Jessie shares some of her tasty shortcuts for plant-based dishes:

I’m fully aware of the need for simple, quick meals after a long workout or outdoor adventure. Sometimes cooking from scratch is just not an option, and we all need those healthy go-to items to build a nourishing meal that will help our bodies recover and refuel.

The 365 Everyday Value® line as well as the Engine 2® Plant-Strong® items are some of my trusty favorites. The Engine 2® Brown Rice tortillas here are wonderful, packed with healthy ingredients such as brown rice, ground almonds, chia and flax seeds. These make for a delicious gluten free wrap or quesadilla. 

Ingredients for Vegetarian Quesadilla With Sweet & Tangy Dipping Sauce

Photo Credit: Jessie Snyder, via

Get Jessie’s recipe for Vegetarian Quesadilla With Sweet & Tangy Dipping Sauce opens in a new tab, which as she explains, “isn’t your traditional quesadilla loaded with cheese.” Instead she substitutes in flavorful plant-based options, such as a creamy garlic hummus, peppery arugula and a sweet mustard sauce for a tangy-sweet bite.

Find more mealtime inspiration with these easy plant-based recipes:

Engine 2 Baked Potatoes
Hearty Arugula Pizzas
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Engine 2 Kale Pesto

Engine 2 Kale Pesto Recipe opens in a new tab

Crumbled veggie patties. Frozen grains and veggies. Canned beans. What are your favorite shortcuts for fast and simple plant-based meals? Share your tips in the comments section. 

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