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Shrimp, So Many Ways

No matter which way you serve it, shrimp is a great choice for holiday party fare as well as for everyday cooking. Here are more than 10 tasty ideas for succulent shrimp.

Holiday Cioppino

Holiday Cioppino

I come from Louisiana where shrimp, in all of its glory, is sanctified. We love it poached, grilled, sautéed, broiled, breaded, steamed and fried. We’ll eat shrimp in soups, salads and all kinds of savory dishes. I remember at an early age watching my Dad devour a barbeque shrimp pizza, probably similar to these Shrimp and Feta Pizzas! And then, of course, there’s Chicken Sausage Jambalaya with Shrimp, a famous Cajun specialty, and Holiday Cioppino, a seafood feast made with white wine, shrimp and herbs, perfect for this time of year. 

Shrimp is delicious when simply prepared, like this Boiled Cajun Shrimp and this Spicy Shrimp. And also when paired with a wonderful dip or sauce; try our Shrimp Cocktail with Creamy-Spicy Green Onion Dipping Sauce.

Chicken Sausage Jambalaya with Shrimp

Chicken Sausage Jambalaya with Shrimp

At Whole Foods Market, our farmed shrimp is a great choice. We can always trace our shrimp back to their farms, which are not at all typical shrimp farms. Our producers meet our strict standards for protecting the environment by avoiding mangrove areas to protect sensitive ecosystems and maintain good water quality. You’ll never find added phosphates or sulfates in our shrimp — we don’t want anything to take away from the sweet, delicate flavor of shrimp raised right. In fact, our shrimp are harvested to order and flash frozen within hours of harvest. You can really taste the difference! Learn more about what sets our shrimp apart by checking out Our Shrimp Standards.

Here are more ideas and recipes:

Do you have a special way you like to eat shrimp? What about a great recipe? Let me know.

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