Simple Ways to Enjoy Cheese

Eating healthfully doesn’t have to mean giving up foods that you love, like cheese.

Eating healthfully doesn’t have to mean giving up foods that you love, like cheese.

Whether it’s a special day like Valentine’s or any day like today, think outside the rind!

We offer the highest quality organic cheeses, cheeses made from skim milk and dozens of hand-selected cheeses that you won’t find anywhere else — along with simple ideas for enjoying cheese in a healthier way.

Here are a few:

  • A little flavor goes a long way, so try using just a bit of piquant aged cheese for big flavor impact.

  • Combining cheese with other ingredients mellows flavor, so when adding to a dish, try experimenting with new flavorful cheeses.

  • Think of cheese as a condiment—try sprinkling just a bit of flavorful cheese such as feta, aged cheddar, Parmigiano Reggiano, blue cheese or other aged cheeses on salads and soups.

  • Save rinds from hard cheeses like Parmigiano Reggiano and toss them into a pot of stock, soup or tomato sauce for a dose of rich flavor.

  • Boost the flavors of fruits, vegetables, greens and grains by adding a little bit of cheese to finished dishes.

Bonus tips:

  • All of our 365 Everyday Value® cheeses, organic or not, are made from the highest quality ingredients and none of the cheeses we carry contain artificial colors, flavors or preservatives either.

  • Our specialty team members will be glad to slice the exact amount of cheese you need. No extra cheese, no extra cost!

No one said rich mac and cheese, gooey quesadillas or a bowl of hot melted queso isn’t deliciously satisfying, but cheese can also be enjoyed without the guilt.
We've picked a few dishes to show you just how easy it is to enjoy cheese in a healthier way.

Do you have a favorite way to spotlight the great flavor of cheese in a healthier way? We'd love to hear it.

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