Simple Ways to Enjoy Meat for Dinner

Meat can be an easy and healthful solution for weekday dinners when served with veggies and whole grains.

We know that your food choices count toward your health, schedule and budget. Meat can be an easy and healthful solution for weekday dinners when served with veggies and whole grains.

Plus, our butchers know the best deals (hint: look for value packs and lesser-known cuts!) and will wrap up just the amount you need for recipes and sensible, affordable portions.

You can serve meat for dinner with ease of mind, knowing that we prohibit added hormones* and demand no antibiotics, ever. The Global Animal Partnership 5-Step™ Animal Welfare Rating opens in a new tab on pork, chicken and beef in our fresh meat cases allows you to know how the animals are raised for the meat you are buying. Here are some easy ways to enjoy meat for a weeknight dinner:

  • Make mighty meatballs by adding in chopped veggies. Serve over whole-grain pasta with our 365 Everyday Value® pasta sauce.

  • Change up chili by combining a variety of vegetables, beans and spices with ground beef, bison, turkey or chicken.

  • Simmer a spicy beef stew with plenty of root vegetables, hearty greens, garlic, tomato and chiles to suit your taste.

  • Pick up a value pack of chicken pieces, brush with a little marinade, barbecue sauce or teriyaki sauce, toss some veggies alongside and bake.

  • A one-pot meal is as easy as adding seasoning, liquid and vegetables. Try cubing a value cut like rump roast and adding potatoes, carrots and beef broth for a classic hearty meal.

  • Roast whole chickens, pork loin or beef roasts (watch for sales!) over the weekend and use the pre-cooked meat throughout the week in casseroles, soups, sandwiches and salads.

  • Mix your favorite ground meat with whole grains to make a flavorful stuffing for peppers or a filling for rolls of cabbage or chard (steam or blanch the leaves first). Top with tomato sauce if you like.

Hungry for more? Here are eight more recipes to get you out of the kitchen and to the table with ease.

Looking for fuss-free meal solutions? Our butchers can make dinner even easier with their selection of oven-ready favorites, stuffed meats, kabobs, in-house sausage and freshly ground beef.

Don’t forget that they offer complimentary services too, including seasoning and marinating. Add some veggies and whole grains on the side and voila!

From broiled to braised and stir fried to sautéed, there are a lot of easy ways to enjoy meat for a weeknight meal. What’s your favorite?

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