Smart Solutions for Summer On the Go

Whether nourishing your body with sensible snacks or revitalizing with the right body products, plan ahead for summer adventures with these handy travel tips.

Growing up my siblings and I were often thrown in the station wagon for the six-hour trip across the state border to visit my grandparents. My mom would pack healthy snacks for the way there. On the return trip, however, my grandfather had carte blanche to pack us whatever he wanted. Jelly beans, chocolates and candy corn were commonly packed, and somewhere at the bottom of the bag was a sandwich that my grandmother made in an attempt to counter the sugar attack that would surely seize hold of us somewhere on Interstate 80.

three girls have dinner at road

Now that I’m a parent, I’m the one packing for road trips, plane trips and simply day tripping around town. No matter how long or short the trip and how we’re getting there, I find it pays to plan ahead. Bringing snacks to crunch, nibble and munch not only nourishes my family and me but they can prevent child, adult and even budget meltdowns. I also recommend creating a portable body care kit with the essentials – being out in the wilderness is no place to discover you forgot sunscreen! Prepare in advance so you don’t have to compromise your standards or your budget when on the road. Whether nourishing your body with sensible snacks or revitalizing with the right body care products, plan ahead for summer adventures with these handy travel tips. Snack attack solutions The right snacks keep your energy high and bank account and stomach happy.

  • Shop your own pantry and fridge before you hit the store and build your shopping list around what you already have. On-the-go snacks are a smart solution for the last of the apples, carrots or granola in the house.

  • Bulk up! Our budget-friendly bulk bins opens in a new tab are an essential stop before any adventure, big or small. Choose from an endless array of travel-friendly foods like granola, nuts, dried fruit, seeds and even sweet treats. Creating a custom trail mix is a breeze. Plus,

    • Only pay for what you need.
    • No excess packaging waste.
    • All bulk items are free of hydrogenated fats, artificial preservatives, flavors, sweeteners and colors.

  • Pack snacks in single servings. (This helps reduce wasted food if my toddler spills and makes opening each “package” of snacks exciting for her.)

  • Homemade hummus opens in a new tab if you have time, or store-bought if you don’t, is a home run. Serve it with vegetable sticks (carrot, broccoli, snow peas, etc.), whole-wheat pita, unsalted pretzels or bread sticks.

  • Easy-to-carry snacks such as nutrition bars, nuts and veggie chips are light on your backpack or bag but filling in the belly.

  • Keep cool and hydrated. Drink plenty of water, whether it’s au naturel, naturally flavored or vitamin enhanced, or natural electrolyte beverages for active outings.

  • Pick portable produce. Apples, bananas, grapes, cherry tomatoes and baby carrots are easy to eat out-of-hand. Try frozen grapes or chilled berries too.

Here are a few more portable favorites that can be made with ease:




Summer care kit Nourish your whole body when you’re away from home. Pick up these natural essentials now so you can still take care of yourself later on the road:

Tip: Look for products with the Premium Body Care opens in a new tab logo indicating the products meet standards that prohibit more than 400 questionable ingredients — such as parabens — that are commonly used in body care products. Oh, and quick confession: While I aim to keep the snacks fairly nutritious, the memory of relishing my grandfather’s sweet treats on a long car ride hasn’t faded. I always make sure to pack something sweet for my daughter (and me)! Whether traveling by land, air or sea, what are your snacking and body care tips and tricks for summer adventures?

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