Smoothie Operator

Adriene Mishler of the online community Yoga with Adriene and co-founder of Find out What Feels Good shares her love for smoothies.

Adriene Mishler

Adriene Mishler

Founder of the most popular yoga channel on YouTube, Adriene Mishler is an actor and yoga teacher based out of Austin, Texas. She is co-founder of Find What Feels Good, a growing online library of yoga and yoga lifestyle tools to encourage you to be authentic, do your best and find what feels good. She also leads Yoga With Adriene, a happy and successful online yoga community which creates free creative content to inspire people of all shapes and sizes to connect to their bodies daily.

I love breakfast. As a child, I hated it, but as an adult — I adore it.

The idea of sitting down for breakfast is comforting to me and yes, it makes me smile. In my hometown (which is also where Whole Foods first started and where the flagship store sits happy and bustling in the middle of our fair city) we have one breakfast item that reigns over all.

The breakfast taco.

Adriene Mishler

Pick any combo you like (my favorite is a migas taco on corn) but you simply cannot go wrong. Egg, potato, spinach for the veggie lovers. Bacon, egg and cheese for my meaty buds.

Whatever you want, really! Wrap it in a tortilla and douse it with salsa or your favorite hot sauce and boom, you are one of us.

But, alas, I admit… as much as I want to eat (and breathe) breakfast tacos 365 days out of the year — it simply is not realistic, for me.

To be honest, one time, I tried — and the result was not good. For one, you begin to become less excited about breakfast tacos and that’s a solemn shame. You also end up feeling heavy and tired each day instead of alive and ready to rock. If you want to exercise or say, practice yoga you are too full on taco for your Triangle or Tree pose. At night, while you sleep — you start to have dreams of strawberries and bananas or sharing a snack of apple and peanut butter in the sunshine.

I was a slave to the breakfast tacos. I used to rely on them back when I battled hangovers (more often.) By my late twenties, I had entered the full Austin, TX state of mind which was — I cannot function without a taco in my belly! (Read that last line like Shrek please.)

Now, whilst I will not go on the record for breakfast taco bashing (ever) — might I just say that I have returned back to embrace one mantra…

Balance in all things.

I love to make breakfast and I do love making my own food. However, in addition to all the reasons stated above — sometimes you don’t have time for a hot meal. Ok, a lot of times — you don’t have time to make migas, bacon, poached eggs or home fries. And you need more than your comfort toast.

You need something fast, fresh and on the go. Something healthy, something light, and something to balance out the breakfast taco bliss. You need to eat with the rainbow — and you and your body KNOW IT.

Enter: Smoothie Operator

It’s time. If you are not on board the Smoothie train — hear this call:

Smoothies are not just for the health freaks, foodie geeks or iron pumpers anymore!

All aboard!!!

Nowadays, during a busy week I have a smoothie every day.

It is the perfect way to start my morning with the vitamins and nutrients I need. My daily smoothie fills me up without feeling full. It preps me for yoga, a dog walk or a run and leaves me ready to conquer and serve others. I can nurse it, or down it or take it on the go. If I make it at home, I feel proud and accomplished before I even set it to my lips.

My body is happy.

Balance in all things.

Now, when I have breakfast tacos — I enjoy them more!

I’m healthier and with more joy. What more could a girl from Austin ask for?

Whether you relate to the breakfast food battle or not — I invite you to spark new life into your morning routine!

Try new things! Use your hands. 

Become a Smoothie Operator!!!

Need an assist? Don’t know where to start? Or looking for some new combos to try? Whole Foods has your back with the Smoothie Builder! I experiment year-round, typically letting the produce dictate my smoothie. That and the weather. But my go-to is this Banana Almond Popeye blend! Nutritious and comforting! Healthy and happy! With the Smoothie Builder, I added a little honey.  

Almondmilk — 1 serving (3/4 cup) 
Banana — 1 serving (1/2 each or 1/4 cup mashed per serving)
Spinach — 1 serving (1/2 cup)
Almond Butter — 1 serving (1 tablespoon) 
Honey — 1 serving (1 tablespoon) 
Don’t be shy.

Build the balanced life you dream of — starting with breakfast.

2016 — bringing the smoothie back.

Sending you love and best wishes for a balance morning routine.

Cue: Sade

PS Interested in adding yoga to your morning routine? Try this playlist!

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