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Snowville Creamery

Snowville Creamery

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Snowville Creamery - Pomeroy, OhioAt Snowville Creamery in Pomeroy, Ohio, the cows graze in pasture all year long and the grasses that are in season affect the flavor of the milk.  Winter milk from Snowville may taste of hay; spring milk of dandelions.  Morning milk even tastes different from evening milk!   Warren Taylor, owner of Snowville, believes that milk is perfect when it comes from the cow, so he processes his milk as minimally as possible.  Snowville Creamery milk is bottled on the farm the same day the cows are milked and delivered to Whole Foods Market the very next day to bring customers the freshest product possible.  As they say at Snowville, they make "Milk the Way it Used to Be!"

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