Start Fresh in March

Editorial Director Kara Chiles throws open the windows, surveys the cupboards and considers our options for spring.


Editorial Director Kara Chiles throws open the windows, surveys the cupboards and considers our options for spring. 

March has one foot in winter, the other in spring. Usually by this point, I’ve had enough snow, stew and sweaters to make me long for something – anything! – fresh and full of sunlight. This is not that craving for a beach vacation so much as a deep desire to lighten up my home, put brighter flavors on my plate and break away from winter’s gray palette.

We’ve pulled together a few ideas about how to start putting cold weather behind us and make room for spring plantings and reorganize spring pantries.

Beyond Spirit Cleansing

Few things in life are as satisfying as the smugness of a good cleaning jag. Unless, it’s bragging about it to your friends. Enter: spring-cleaning. This cleaning tip from Adriene Mishler of Yoga with Adriene hits a lot of notes for us: It’s a yoga mat cleanser made with essential oils. Adriene also happens to be local to Austin, and visited our flagship store to find the ingredients for this simple freshener. Given how easy this is, I have no reason not to unfurl my mat and remember to use it as more than a couch bolster.

Feeling especially domestic? Join me in using our Eco-Scale™ rated cleaning products to show the bathroom tile grout who’s boss. 

Re-Stock Market   

One of the surest signs that seasons are changing is my fridge and pantry. The week of March 9, you’ll find me loading up on great deals including asparagus, boneless pork chops and strawberries… and tulips (3 bunches for $12 from March 11-13). It’s no surprise because I often find some of these ingredients can be combined into a ridiculous number of easy salads and dinners. Bonus: The pizza will certainly get celebrated as the “pie” in Pi Day (that’s March 14 — the mathematical constant 3.14 — for all my fellow math non-geniuses). Look for our one-day sale and save $2.00 on any large prepared take & bake pizza and save $3.14 on any large sweet pie.

The Easter Grass is Always Greener...

I grew up hunting for dyed eggs and delighting in a basket filled with a foil-wrapped chocolate bunny and jellybeans. I didn’t realize that baskets could be even better as an adult until I met my sister-in-law. Easter baskets for grownups still include chocolate — but now it’s nestled against a split of champagne, a good book (she knows me well) and a deliciously scented lotion.

You might be surprised at how well these baskets go over. If you’re a guest at an Easter brunch, I recommend surprising your host with a little bit of joy. If I were basket-building myself this year, I’d fill an Alaffia basket with a bottle of our Whole Foods Market™ Volumizing Shampoo, a tumble of strawberry cream scones and a pair of Folkmanis finger puppets. Trust me, that last duo definitely is not just for kids.

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