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Start Strong with the 28-Day Challenge by Engine 2

The 28-Day Challenge by Engine 2 is a great way to jump-start your healthy eating goals. As the name suggests, changing the way you eat can be a challenge — but in the best possible way. Here are tips for surviving and thriving on your healthy eating adventure.

Rip Esselstyn

Rip Esselstyn

When firefighter Rip Esselstyn discovered that several of his colleagues were in danger due to poor health, he came to the rescue and changed their diets. The results were so dramatic that Rip created Engine 2, a simple action plan that harnesses the power of “strong food” — whole, nutritious plant-based foods.

The 28-Day Challenge by Engine 2 is a great way to jump-start your healthy-eating goals. As the name suggests, changing the way you eat can be a challenge — in the best possible way. In fact, Rip likes to refer to it as “an adventure in healthy eating.” Here are Rip’s tips for thriving on your adventure.

  1. Make a weekly meal plan. When you map out your meals ahead of time, you’re much less likely to order takeout when hunger strikes.

  2. Do some batch cooking. If you’re making a recipe such as Engine 2 Fiesta Burgers, double or triple the recipe. Make ‘em, bake ‘em and freeze the extras. Pop ‘em in the microwave later in the week for a quick lunch or dinner. Same goes for healthy soups and casseroles.

  3. Keep a food journal. This is essential for accountability and success. When you know you’re going to have to write down whatever you eat, it helps you stay on the path.

  4. Eat a lot of greens. Dark leafy greens like kale and spinach are filled with nutrients. Chop up a heaping handful and stir into soup a few minutes before you serve. Or add to boiling pasta water when you have about two minutes left to cook. Pile ‘em sky high on sandwiches too.

  5. Smart substitutions help you conquer cravings. Here are a few favorites:

  • If you’re in the mood for chips and salsa, try toasted corn tortillas and no-oil-added salsa.

  • Craving ice cream? Make Super-Healthy Sundaes.

  • Swap mayonnaise for Engine 2® Plant-Strong® Hummus.

  • Replace soda with fizzy water with a slice of lime, lemon or mango.

  • Satisfy your craving for chocolate with 70% dark chocolate.

  • For pizza night, make a pizza without cheese or meat, such as Good Luck Whole Grain Pizza with Kale Pesto.

Engine 2 Fiesta Burgers

Engine 2 Fiesta Burgers Recipe

“Don’t let anyone talk you out of this,” Rip concludes. “You’re doing this for you. You deserve this!” Sign up for the 28-Day Challenge today to get recipes, cooking videos and a coupon.

Are you taking the 28-Day Challenge? Share your own tips in the comments!

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