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Still Fishin': Stories from our Gulf Coast Fishermen

Still Fishin': Stories from our Gulf Coast Fishermen

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Wonder how the oil spill has impacted the fishermen who provide the gulf seafood for our stores? This snapshot of Florida fisherman Greg Abrams and oysterman Tommy Ward offers a realistic look at how our gulf fishermen have been severely affected. Abrams and his crew catch grouper and red snapper off the gulf coast.

They fish in deep waters in areas that have seen no effects of the spill, and the waters are tested regularly by the government. Ward’s family business has been growing oysters in the calm clean waters of Apalachicola Bay for several generations. Still, both have seen sales plummet 80% since last season. Watch a day in the life of these hard working fishermen, hear how much they believe in and stand behind their product, and see what it means to have "salt in your blood."

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