Stock Up, Save Money


You've all surely heard the saying that 'less is more' - and while in many cases, this little cliche rings true, Ideal Bite's Tip Library opens in a new tab challenges this idea with its post this week on 'Filling Your Fridge opens in a new tab'.  According to this tip article, an estimated 50% of the transport-related pollution of your food comes from your drive to and from the store (the other half comes the move from source to retail store)?  Also, depending on the city you live in, time spent parking each time you make a trip to the store may make each trip 'cost' more time than you realize.  So unless you've bought into the idea of alternative transportation for your grocery trips (which we highly encourage!), it might be a good idea to stock up and save money.Here are some excellent tips from our customers on The Whole Deal opens in a new tab™ who've found ways to conserve their time and energy with smarter shopping trips:Nicole A.:

We register our e-mail with all of the brands that we use every week (i.e. Seventh Generation, Organic Valley, Kashi, etc) and then print out coupons that the companies send us for use in any store. We also keep an eye out for sales and stock up on the things we use regularly. Many items actually cost less at Whole Foods than at some of the other chain grocery stores.

rose p:

I have to travel over 100 miles to the nearest store,but I love them so its well worth the travel to get good quality foods and healthy body profucts.Since coming to this store I have tried many different foods that are not as available in the Green Bay area. without WHOLE FOODS, I wouldnt have tried “babaganoush” with the “Stacy” pita chips. They always have samples out that I am willing to try and without that,my new fav snack wouldnt be the wonderful dip..sometimes I crave My sister and I make the trek together about every 2-3 months and stock up on lots of the bulk items too. I now have my daughter and daughter in law hooked on the 365 brand of body wash and shampoos as well,and at that price for such a natural cleaning…its the bomb !!

Brett M:

We buy produce in season. When there is a good sale, we stock up and very frequently will use our food saver to freeze meal sized portions. We have a chest freezer full of blueberries, green beans, peppers already, and intend to get more things done before the produce season ends in the NE.We also take advantage of the programs offered in our local WF on how to save money - there IS a way to live well on a single income that isn’t huge!!! We are living proof!

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