Stovetop-Smoked Salmon with Coriander-Mustard Rub

Stovetop-smoked Spiced Salmon- The Secret Ingredient

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If eating healthier within a budget tops your New Year’s resolutions, then this week’s Secret Ingredient episode is must see. The star of this week’s encore episode is Whole Foods Market’s farm-raised salmon. It’s an affordable alternative to wild-caught salmon, while still providing heart-smart omega-3s and rich salmon flavor. It’s also raised according to our strict standards with no antibiotics, added hormones or animal by-products. Join Scott Simons as he learns how to add a delicate smoky flavor to this prized catch without leaving the kitchen as guest chef Heather Ramsdell shares her easy weeknight recipe for Stovetop-Smoked Salmon with Coriander-Mustard Rub.Get the Recipe: Stovetop-Smoked Salmon with Coriander-Mustard Rub

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