Strategic Holiday Food Shopping Tips



The clock is ticking…counting down to Thanksgiving Day! This is one of the most exciting times of the year in our stores. While we love the energy and excitement, we certainly don't want our guests feeling stressed by it…or stretched in their pocketbooks! Here are some tips for getting the good stuff-and the basics-at the best prices possible. Our team members are dedicated to making sure you enjoy your shopping trip - ask them for help along your merry way!

  1. Stay Calm. Maintain a cheerful, good mood and positive attitude so you don't get stressed out and make bad decisions. (Should a little bottle of Rescue Remedy be your first stop in the store?)

  2. Shop the Sales. More than 1000 items are on sale in our store right now. Look for the sale signs and save! Also, sign up for The Whole Deale-newsletter opens in a new tab for notification of the best specials.

  3. Go for 365 Everyday Value®. Our own brand helps you save on everyday basics and holiday needs. It's the best and broadest selection of natural and organic products at the best prices.

  4. Plan Your Menus. Create full menus and shopping lists for the meals you'll need, especially when you're expecting company so you don't overshop when the time comes.

  5. Don't Underestimate Leftovers. When you plan your menus and make your shopping lists, shop for what you need to transform leftovers into another meal. Our holiday leftover guide opens in a new tab has ideas.

  6. Choose the Bird to Fit Your Budget. We offer turkeys-and beef and cheese and chocolate, etc, etc-in several varieties and we can point out the best deals for your needs.

  7. Buy Some Baked Goods. Our bakery makes pumpkin pie and dinner rolls with the same wholesome ingredients you would use at home, so it might be worth buying time instead of buying all the ingredients to make these from scratch.

  8. Be Well. Eat healthy, get enough sleep and exercise so you build a strong immune system and don't waste time and money getting sick.

  9. Take Advantage of Our Good Nature. Our Team Members are there for you. Don't be shy! Let them help you make the holidays easy and affordable.

Got some favorite strategies of your own that make your holiday grocery shopping fun and affordable? Let us hear them!

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