Strauss Free Raised™ Veal


One of our vendors opens in a new tab was featured on Oprah today opens in a new tab for their innovative calf raising practices. Inspired by their concern for animal welfare, the Strauss family spent years researching alternative veal raising systems. Ultimately, they say the most humane and compassionate system is the one Mother Nature provides. For anyone who wants to eat veal, this is the way to go —pasture-raised with exceptional quality and flavor, while raised in a healthy, humane and sustainable way. They promise their calves are:

  • Free to Roam – never tethered, raised in confinement

  • Raised on natural open pastures alongside mother & herd

  • Never raised in feedlots

  • Unlimited access to mother’s milk

  • Strictly vegetarian fed – never receiving animal by-products

  • Never ever administered growth hormones

  • Never ever administered antibiotics

  • Never experience the stress of industrialized farming

  • Traceable to place of birth

  • Agriculturally sustainable & environmentally friendly

If you want to know more, check out this video opens in a new tab on their website. Strauss Free Raised™ Veal is available in our stores in the Southwest, Southeast, Florida and Rocky Mountain regions. It's coming soon to stores in other parts of the country.

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