Strawberry Jamboree Recipe Round-up

Strawberries might be more versatile than you ever dreamed. From luscious desserts to chilled soups and spicy salsa, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite strawberry recipes.

Strawberries might just be more versatile than you ever dreamed. Almost everyone loves them in desserts and we have a few more sweet variations on that theme to offer below. But let’s think outside the pint basket for a moment. Imagine the possibilities with a chilled summer dessert soup or a slightly spicy salsa to garnish a chilled meat dish. Then there are fresh strawberries in cooling summer drinks, such as Strawberry Lassi opens in a new tab, and as a star player in an eye-opening weekend breakfast. As part of our Organic Strawberry Jamboree, we invite you to experiment with our favorite early summer fruit.

Salads and Appetizers:
Drink them up:
Desserts and sweet things:
What are you planning to do with strawberries this spring? Do you have a special recipe for this versatile spring fruit?

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