Succulent Roast Goose

Add a Dickensian flair to your Christmas dinner with Mary’s Free Range Geese from Pitman Family Farms. These hardy, slow growing geese provide a light, succulent flavor.

Have you decided what to serve for Christmas dinner yet? Why not give goose a try! Whether you serve it as the star of the meal or alongside traditional favorites like ham, turkey or beef, a succulent roast goose adds a delightful flair to your holiday table.Historically, goose has been a firm favorite in Europe. Not only did Charles Dickens famously write about a tender and flavorful goose as the centerpiece of the Cratchit’s Christmas table in A Christmas Carol, but in Victorian England, “Goose Clubs” were formed where people could save up all year just to have a Christmas goose! In recent years, thanks to growing interest in seasonal, alternative and local food, goose has been gaining more and more popularity in the US as well.

At Whole Foods Market® we have partnered with Pitman Family Farms to bring you Mary’s Free Range Geese. It took us quite a while to find a producer that could raise birds to our standards and, as far as we know, these are the only geese raised in the US that are fed a purely vegetarian diet (corn, soybean meal and wheat) with no animal by-products and raised without antibiotics.The Pitmans started raising Embden geese about three years ago in sunny California. David Pitman (co-owner) chose the birds because they are known for being strong, hardy and slow growing. He raises the birds seasonally on open range farms, with plenty of room to roam and access to shelter if there’s bad weather.

And when it comes to taste, the Embden breed provides a light, succulent flavor — not overpowering like some game meats.For a tasty addition to your menu for the holidays, try roast goose with all the fixings this year! Mary’s Free Range Geese are available fresh (west coast) & frozen (east coast) in all Whole Foods Market stores. Looking for a good recipe? Try this one for Orange and Thyme Roasted Goose.Will goose be the centerpiece at your Christmas table?

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