Summer Food & (Red) Wine Pairings

Red wines in summer? You bet! The Wine Guys share favorite food pairings just right for summer at easy-to-swallow prices.

Red wines in summer? Absolutely! We know lots of wine lovers enjoy cool and refreshing whites during summer but we’ve got some don’t miss reds that are perfect for the season and the foods that make summer, well…summer. And if these reds (and recipes) linger and end up on your fall table, we promise not to tell.We’ve chosen our favorite hot-weather reds from among this year’s Summer Top Ten Wines, our selection of top-notch summer wines at easy-to-swallow prices. Ranging from recently popular off-dry reds to classic Bordeaux to Côtes du Rhône, these wines sizzle with summer foods and are all less than a cool $20 per bottle.And if you’re a devoted white wine drinker, or just want some great new ideas for pairing whites with summer foods, check out our blog on white wine pairings.

Cupcake Red VelvetA casual, slightly sweet California red that brims with grape, plum and a hint of strawberry jam that can be enjoyed slightly chilled. An additional touch of cinnamon spices things up and makes this wine a good choice for hamburgers, especially Gorgonzola and Sun-Dried Tomato Bison Burgers.Andes Crossing MalbecThis signature red from Argentina is as hot as the summer sun. Dense and full of jam and spice, the Malbec tastes of stewed fruits with hints of ripe cherries and is a perfect companion to barbecue. Make your own Slow-cooked Pulled Pork Sandwiches with ease using a slow cooker.Perrin Nature Côtes du

RhôneMade using organic practices, this classic French red expresses its rich, fertile terroir with cherry, blackberry and earthy notes, a hint of black pepper, and elegant tannins. Sip with hearty summer salads such as the classic Mediterranean composed salad Grilled Tuna Niçoise Salad.Vitiano Cabernet Sauvignon SangioveseEnjoy the ripe plum and black cherry notes in this medium-bodied “Super Tuscan” from Italy that is deep ruby red in color. With a smoky, western-inspired balance of fruit and mineral-driven Italian acidity, this red goes beautifully with summer’s best: tomatoes, basil and fresh salmon. Summer never tasted so good as with Grilled Salmon with Mediterranean Salsa.

Château Paradis Casseuil Bordeaux This beautifully priced French red with youthful notes of plum and cassis can be enjoyed now after decanting, or better yet, tucked away for a special occasion as this one ages really well. With pronounced, yet supple, tannins, each sip gets better. Celebrate summer and any occasion with this amazing wine and Lamb Chops with Persillade and Sea Salt.Evodia Old Vine GarnachaThanks to 100-year-old vines, this ripe Spanish favorite is a complex, round wine with flavors of strawberry preserves, black raspberry and a hint of violet. Exposure to new oak softens its edges, mellowing its smooth character with gobs of fruit. Both balanced and juicy, this big red wine sings a beautiful summer duet with Turkey Sausage-Stuffed Grilled Portobellos.So these are our favorite summer wine and food picks. What are yours?Cheers!

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