Summer Wines Taste Like...


Summer Wines

Summer's FINALLY here, and we at Whole Foods Market are excited to unveil our Top 10 Summer Wine picks! Our buyers literally search the globe for the snazziest, zippiest, tangiest and tastiest wines they can find, and we stack them on our sales floors, sample them with our shoppers where possible, and, of course, buy them ourselves and drink them all summer long. Summer has some great excuses to drink good tasty wines: cookouts, concerts in the park, visits to the beach, sun going down, sun not going down…you get the drift here.This summer we have included wines from Austria, Tuscany, California and the Napa Valley, Spain, Chile, Germany and Australia. We've included cool white varietals like Gruner Veltliner, Verdejo and a tasty Prosecco. We're featuring some good grilling reds too, like Aussie Shiraz, Napa Merlot and a spicy Tuscan Chianti.

Summer Wines

Wines to please everybody. And don't forget the organically grown Rosé - we have you covered there too. These wines will go with anything you cook. Or don't cook. We think "porch wine" in the summer. Stop into our wine shops this summer and snag a few of these good tasting wines at a good value. The Top 10's are priced to please. The quality and selection is top notch, tasty and easy on the wallet. Ask your local wine specialist for regionally available six-pack and case deeper discounts. Enjoy! Learn more about our Top 10 Summer Wines.

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