Supplier Stories: Jackson’s Honest and Their Coconut Oil Potato Chips

This small mom-and-pop startup built a chip-changing movement to make snacks with coconut oil — and all for the love of their little boy, Jackson.

If you’ve never had chips fried from coconut oil, you’re in for a treat: They’re deeply rich and aromatic, and the potato flavor sings through unlike anything else. Add a dash of sea salt and you’ve got a savory, crispy snack.

Scott and Megan Reamer, the makers of Jackson’s Honest, thought so too the first time they tried the technique. And in time, they went on to share their kitchen experiment with the world — but not before sharing it with one little boy, the namesake of the company, their son Jackson.

All for Jackson Reamer

For the 12 years before Scott and Megan’s son was diagnosed with Aicardi-Goutieres Syndrome (a rare inflammatory disease), Jackson struggled with challenge after challenge: weak legs, slow weight gains and stomach pain. They consulted pediatric specialists, but came up short.                           

During this time, they decided that they might be able to ease his digestive discomfort and make Jackson’s days better through food. And so, they started serving him nutrient-rich unprocessed foods; fermented foods; and alternative fats like coconut oil.

And thus was born a new family favorite: homemade potato chips fried in coconut oil. Over time, as Jackson responded to the change in food — particularly the introduction of coconut oil to the family’s diet — those nearest and dearest to the couple encouraged them to take their homemade chips to the masses.

“Initially, we scoffed at the idea of selling them,” Megan Reamer said. “Making our potato chips at home was a time-consuming and labor-intensive process: How could we possibly make enough to sell? But it was only after we stopped thinking about selling potato chips as a business that we came to a critical appreciation.”

She added:

“Jackson’s Honest isn’t a business, it is a mission: a mission to reintroduce healthy fats into the food chain and we’ve been overjoyed to learn that we’re part of a fast growing group of educated consumers who want to make plant-based saturated fats an important part of their diets,” Megan said.

Sadly, Jackson Reamer passed away in August of 2017.

“Jackson Reamer was an inspiration to all who knew him,” read his obituary. “His courage in the face of his extremely rare disease was exceeded only by his strength in managing and battling it…Despite many physical hardships, he laughed often and easily and he smiled as if he didn't have a care in the world. Being a witness to that, being on the receiving end of those smiles and laughs — humbled all those who knew and loved him….His legacy lives on in the company, the mission, and the movement of Jackson's Honest Chips that his struggle founded. One day the joy and privilege of having him in our lives will surpass the pain of having lost him too early.”

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