Support "No Kid Hungry"


Whole Foods Market is taking a stand for a healthy tomorrow for all children, and we want you to help us! This holiday season, we are proud to partner with Share Our Strength opens in a new tab on their No Kid Hungry opens in a new tab fight to stamp out childhood hunger by 2015. Below we share simple ways to get involved (use your American Express card, buy a gift card online, take a pledge), but first let’s make sure we all know why this is so critically important. Billy Shore, founder and executive director of Share Our Strength, sent this message:

Of the many challenges we face such as a nation, such as unemployment, health care, and climate change, one issue is solvable: ending childhood hunger in America. And Whole Foods is helping to ensure that we succeed.One in four children in the U.S. is now on food stamps, for the first time in history. 62% of public school teachers identify hunger as a problem in the classroom and use their own money to buy food for those kids. 44 million Americans now live in poverty (1 in 5 children). It is a level of economic suffering unseen in nearly 50 years.But our children are not hungry because we lack food, or because we lack food and nutrition programs. There is a long history of bipartisan support for school lunch and breakfast, summer feeding and food stamps for families with children. They who are hungry today are hungry because they lack access to those programs. This past summer only 16% of kids eligible for summer meal received them. Only 40% get school breakfast. The table has been set for America’s hungriest kids but they have not been told where, not been given the address, not benefited from a sense of hospitality that most of us might take for granted. We can do better.Share Our Strength knows how to change the hunger equation and how to increase the participation of our children in such programs. As a result, governors from across the country are asking us to help them. But that takes time, money, resources, and coordination.That’s why we are so grateful to Whole Foods customers and employees. I can’t even begin to tell you how important a role you play in supporting our efforts.

Ready to get involved and help end childhood hunger? Here are a few different ways that our customers can lend their support from now through the end of December:

When you go to their site and take the pledge, Share Our Strength opens in a new tab collects your email address to give you ongoing information about steps you can take to help stamp out hunger. The pledge is:I believe that no child in America should go hungry. By pledging today, I add my voice to the national movement of people committed to ending childhood hunger in America by 2015.We hope you’ll pledge today opens in a new tab!

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