Team Member Appreciation Day


We opened our very first Whole Foods Market store in Austin, Texas on September 20, 1980. Thirty years and hundreds of stores later we owe much of our success to the love of our Team Members. In honor of Team Member Appreciation Week, here are 30 reasons we love them back!Our Team Members:

  1. Make Whole Foods Market cool.

  2. Make every effort to recycle – from yogurt tubs to corks to jokes.

  3. Sing on the sales floor just because the spirit moves you.

  4. Make our Green Mission real and challenge us to do even more.

  5. Drive an amazingly long chain of shopping carts across the lot with ease.

  6. Are as excited about their team’s success as they are about their own.

  7. Are passionate about our products and it’s contagious!

  8. Are why we made FORTUNE®’s “100 Best Places to Work” list every year.

  9. Knock customers' socks off.

  10. Love local!

  11. Support Whole Planet Foundation with fundraising and your own dollars.

  12. Adapt to change, even when the changes come fast like they do.

  13. Share the love by sharing Whole Foods Market with friends and family.

  14. Help improve the health of people, animals and the planet.

  15. Bring it. Every day.

  16. Are 50,000+ faces making Whole Foods Market more than a grocery store.

  17. Maintain organic integrity.

  18. Make work fun!

  19. Are the reason our stores are real members of our communities.

  20. Make other people laugh…or at least smile.

  21. Have style…from the clothes they wear to the displays they build.

  22. Are devoted to helping each other and to helping others.

  23. Make awesome food!

  24. Step up even higher when there’s a higher step to climb.

  25. Have creativity that keeps us fresh.

  26. Have boundless compassion for those devastated by natural disasters.

  27. Wear really interesting jewelry.

  28. Volunteer at local farms, food kitchens, creek cleanups and more.

  29. Keep Whole Foods Market unique.

  30. Make our day with your smiles.

Feel free to let our Team Members know why you appreciate them too!

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