Teens Turning Green - In Stores!

The Teens Turning Green line launched exclusively in Whole Foods Market stores this week. Check out the video to hear some of the Teens talk about the line and read on for three Teens saying what this means to them. Teens Turning Green - In Stores

The Teens Turning Green line launched exclusively in Whole Foods Market stores this week. Check out the video to hear some of the Teens talk about the line and read on for three Teens saying what this means to them.
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From Dana:Earlier this week, a "green" line of skincare called Teens Turning Green was launched in Whole Foods Market nationally. This past Monday, my mind could not wait until after school. Living in New York, I am lucky to have public transport (despite what people may tell you). At exactly 3:11 pm that day, I was on the 6 train heading down to 14th Street (Union Square) to see the unveiling of the line.Walking into Whole Foods Market always make me happy, but to see that skincare, I was omg-today-is-the-day-I-win-the lottery-happy when I saw the products. As I grabbed more products off the shelf, I realized they were vegan, which made my day as a vegetarian! The ingredients were so pure and readable! I know there are many times when people pick up a bottle, look at the ingredients, and think "What in the world is that....and that.....and that?"A couple of friends met up with me, which included girls and boys, from middle schoolers to early college students. My male friends were so surprised at themselves, because they thought they were being dragged along to some girly shopping trip. But in the end, they bought the most, and they are the ones loving the products the most. This line, even though it is "TEENS Turning Green" is so versatile, and should not be labeled as some other skincare line. This is a line with an understandable ingredient list, unisex products, and if I may so myself, darn good scents!From Danielle:I'm Danielle, a high school senior in Northern California. We have some pretty exciting news this week. After spending months testing products and planning our Teens Turning Green Collection, it is finally available in Whole Foods Market - nationally! Our group is SO excited, and this has been a very important week for the campaign. We are so eager to have people all over the country try the products that we have loved for so long. One of my personal favorites is the Pomega5 Pomegranate Cleansing Bar. I have been using the original bar from Pomega5 for over a year, and absolutely loved it. Whenever I use it, it makes my bathroom smell gorgeous! In the process of making the line, we tried out a bunch of different Pomega5 cleansing bar formulations, and the one that we came up with was a combination of all of our favorite aspects of each different ones. I am so happy that this bar is going to become accessible to teens all around the country, because it is a staple in my daily regimen-- not only for the great smell, but because it makes my skin feel great.Over the weekend, a few members of our campaign volunteered at the "Just Green" Search for the Cause event in Marin County, California. Although the event was attended by adults, we had a table promoting the Teens Turning Green Collection. Everyone at the event was so excited about the line, and a couple of people bought a set of the line on a pre-sale special at the event! This was very exciting for us, because we were further able to see how amazing our line truly is.I hope that everyone will head over to Whole Foods Market in their neighborhood and take a look at the TTG Collection. The products are absolutely our favorites, and we are so glad that the country is going to be able to see for themselves what our campaign is about!From Mattie:Hi Whole Foods Market Readers! It’s Mattie Kahn from Teens for Safe Cosmetics back to tell you everything you need to know about scoring your very own set of Teens Turning Green. In case you didn’t know, our line made its debut at Whole Foods Market Monday, and it’s already begun to sell out in some stores! I wanted to make buying these products fun for my friends, so on Sunday I’m going to Whole Foods Market Columbus Circle with all of my friends to eat breakfast at the amazing food court and then pick up all of the Teens Turning Green products. If you have a Whole Foods Market near you try the same with your friends. There’s no better way to show less eco-enlightened friends the “green way” then to lead them to products that they’ll like as much, if not more then their current ones. I’ve never met someone who’s tried the Pomega5 Blemish Bar who didn’t love it immediately. Or what about Alaffia’s lightly scented body lotion? It’s more than just a moisturizer, its truly aromatherapy in a jar. After a long day, the sweet smelling mango is just the thing to mellow you out and make you feel pretty all at the same time. From the title alone it’s clear that this line is perfect for teens, but its not just for my age-group, this line can truly work for anyone.Last week, samples in hand, I decided to have a genuine adult try out some of the products. “It’s called Teens Turning Green,” she said to me skeptically. “Just try it!” And being the wonderful friend that she is, she disrupted her daily cosmetics routine to test run some of the products. Suffice it to say the Perfectly Pom Moisturizer is now taking up shelf-space in a certain airy Brooklyn bathroom. “It’s so light,” Annie exclaimed. “So fresh. It’s so different from everything else that out there.” Her other Not-Just-For-Teen picks, EO’s revolutionary hand sanitizer (“The scent, it’s amazing!”) and Benedetta soap. She loves the way it feels, I love the way it foams. I can almost guarantee that anyone can find something that they love in each of these products. So no matter how old you are find your set at Whole Foods Market before they’re all gone!

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