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Wheel of Waste

At WFM, we just happen to celebrate Team Member Appreciation Week during the same week as Earth Day, so at the Global office, it always turns into a great party. This year we enjoyed perfect Texas weather on the Plaza, complete with live music from Colin Gilmore opens in a new tab, seed planting, face painting, cake and gelato eating….we held a trash art contest, played "Pin the Continent on Mother Earth" (in which Team Members donned a bandana, were twirled around a few times, and tried to pin all the continents to the correct geographical location on the map, ha!) and "Wheel of Waste" (in which Team Members spun the wheel and determined whether the selected item should be recycled, reused, composted, or thrown away). It was super FUN!

Jill Velez Post

But I saved the best for last…for the second year in a row we held a voluntary pledge in honor of Earth Day. Last year, we had over 100 Team Members pledge to take the stairs, conserve energy, carpool, bring their own water bottles, etc.-in general, they pledged to become more conscious of the simple, daily things they could do to help the earth.This year, we asked Team Members to take it one step further and give up their trash cans! "Think Trash Last" was the theme. We asked them to take the following things into consideration:

  • Can I reuse? ...use a SIGG bottle, drink from a reusable coffee mug, bring your own silverware and containers - skip the plastic silverware, re-use bulk bin/produce bags and containers!

  • Can I recycle? ...recycle glass, aluminum, #1,2 (& soon #5) plastics, paper, cardboard, batteries, electronics, etc.

  • Can I compost? ...compost uneaten food, soiled napkins, soup & salad bar containers…even gum.

  • Can I buy better? ...make some changes in my purchases that will eliminate the trash that I am producing…less packaging!

And guess what?! 77 brave souls gave up their trash cans.

Jill Velez Post

They are now having to pile their trash on their desk, which will force them to want to reduce the amount they generate, which will force them to re-think what they are buying, which will eventually eliminate more and more waste going to the landfill. We are making Earth Day every day, that's for sure.

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