Three Cheers for These Winning Cherry Recipes


The Kid-Friendly Cherry Recipe Contest came to a head on Saturday, July 23rd, where the three finalist recipes created by bloggers were pitted against each other in a cherry battle.The judges? Hungry kids attending the Whole Foods Market Kids Club at the Lamar store in Austin. The recipes? These three delicious kid-friendly recipes with seven ingredients or less, featuring cherries plus at least two other fruits or veggies:

Kids not only enjoyed these three sweet, delicious cherry recipes, but they carefully tasted and voted by placing cherries in a jar representing their favorite recipe. Afterwards, they enjoyed activities such as a cherry pit spitting contest (the winner made it an amazing 23 feet!) and playing “pin the cherry on the sundae.”When the cherry-filled festivities had to come to an end and the cherries were tallied, the Cherry Apple Peach Crisp came out on top. For her efforts, recipe creator and blogger, Angela will receive a $500 gift card to Whole Foods Market. Cherry Eggrolls with Honeyed Yogurt was the runner up for a $100 gift card with Cherry Slaw Salad in a close third for a $50 gift card.Thanks to all the bloggers who participated in this contest that helped bring delicious cherries and fresh produce to the front of kids’ plates this summer.

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