Three Simple Things That’ll Make Mom Really Happy

There are three simple essentials to make Mom really happy on Mother’s Day (or any day). As a mom of a three-and-a-half year old ball of boy energy, I know if I get just one of these little gifts I’ll be a happy mama!These are affordable ideas that kids can purchase with piggy-bank savings, or sweet add-ons to a bigger gift or a day of pampering.

1. Time to relax. The gift of uninterrupted time to spend soaking in a tub, reading a book or even napping, is the simplest but probably the most appreciated gift a mom can receive.

 If you’re a dad, a grandparent or a good friend, hand the mom you love a bottle of 365 Everyday Value® Bath Salts. They're scented with pure essential oils and meet our Premium Body Care standards opens in a new tab, so there are no harsh chemicals or additives. Tie a pretty bow around the bottle, dim the lights, then take the kids out for ice cream and leave Mom in peace!

2. A little treat. Bypass that big box of not-that-great chocolate and give her a lovely box of something really fine (but not necessarily expensive). Whole Foods Market™ Assorted Chocolates are a little splurge that mom doesn’t have to share with anyone. These Belgian chocolates feature favorites like dark chocolate with caramel and sea salt, milk chocolate with raspberry ganache and white chocolate with vanilla buttercream.  

3. Something beautiful. When I was young, my mom started a tradition of giving me pink roses on special occasions, and she still does. My husband likes to give me arrangements that have at least one stargazer lily – his favorite flower.If you’re helping a little one pick out some flowers for mom, start a tradition by choosing a special color or flower that they’ll continue to give her over the years. Most Whole Foods Market® floral departments have a selection of locally grown flowers, organically grown flowers, Whole Trade Guarantee flowers opens in a new tab and even pretty potted plants. A Team Member can help you pick just the right flower.

There’s one last thing I think most moms would love to do on Mother’s day: Spend time with the kids. No agendas, no to-do lists! Take young kids to the park to play ball, or snuggle on the couch reading books. Older kids can go on a long walk or bike ride with mom or spend time in the kitchen together cooking or baking.

As for me, I’ll be spending mother’s day at a waterpark with my kiddo, husband and our friends, and I’ll look forward to that bath and a box of chocolates, too!

How about you? What is your ultimate way to celebrate Mother’s Day?

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